Here you can find information on our Handler Teams. We will also detail what we do operationally and some of the equipment we use. 

Our Handler Teams train monthly to Home Office Standards with a veteran Police Dog Handler. We ensure we are compliant with British Standard 8517 in any area of Dog work, providing a proven continuity of service set down by a governing body. Our vehicles are professionally converted to ensure the highest animal welfare standards. These are all inspected monthly in line with BS8517 by our Dog Section Team Leader.

Security Dog Handlers

All our officers wear high visibility tactical vests unless on covert deployments then its black. Likewise with our Dogs. Julius K9 provide all our equipment to ensure we have the best for our animals and you as our customer. The neon orange power harness is worn by our Dogs whilst out on patrol with a flashing beacon to ensure they are as visible as their handler. Our vehicles are marked in accordance to British standards 8517 with kenneling facilities to match.